re your trophies, Cups And Awards looking weathered! ... tarnished, full of dings & dents, scratched, handles loose or falling off, parts missing? If so, let us bring them back to life.

Cincinnati Plating offers full repair and restoration services program for awards, cups and trophies. We provide quality cup repair & restoration services for tarnished, damaged and broken silver, silver-plate, brass, nickel-plated and pewter items.


Our Trophy Repair and Restoration Services includes....

Removing years of tarnish from sterling silver, silver plate, brass and copper

Removing / polishing out scratches from regular daily use

Replating worn and damaged silver and gold trophies, cups and awards

Repairing dents and dings

Repair or replacement of broken and detached handles and other parts

Soldering / resoldering broken and replacement parts

Hand polishing silver, copper and gold items

Replacing damaged award, trophy and cup bases

Removing Engraving & re-engraving

In order for us to provide a quote for a repair, our silversmith would need to examine the award. A photo of the trophy displaying the size along with a description of the repair required will help us to provide an initial estimate.

Cincinnati Plating is one of the few companies still maintaining an high quality finishing and re-plating facility for your valuable Silver, Gold, Brass, Copper and Pewter items. Our modern plating facility provides total control of the finishing and plating process, assuring you the highest quality restoration at the lowest possible price.

Our restoration experts will be happy to discuss the various options available and the processes, time frames and costs involved with your items.