resser sets or vanity sets as they are sometimes called gained fame during the Golden Age of Hollywood. These items are a valuable addition to any vanity, and often include a hair brush, hand mirror, comb, shoe horn, button hook and plus many additional items.

Dresser sets make great decorations, however if you wish to use any these vintage items you're going to have to do some work to get things in order. Cleaning and repairing everything is a strong must, in some cases the working parts will have to be replaced carefully by a skilled artisan.

Cincinnati Plating has both the skill and replacement components restore your dresser set items to full working condition. Our in-depth skills include hair brush replacement, comb replacement, hand mirror restoration and repair / restoration of any additional items making up a fine vintage set.

Splits, Dents, and Wear …

Continued use of a Dresser Set on a daily basis will eventually cause splits, dents and other wear damage. Cincinnati Plating’s expert craftsmen can restore Sterling Silver, Silver-plated / Gold-plated, or Brass / Copper dresser-set items, extending service life for many more years. Contact us for a free estimate.

Tortoise Shell Comb Restoration …

Do you have a dresser set with a Tortoise Shell comb that needs repaired. Cincinnati Plating can restore combs down to four(4) inch baby combs using man-made tortoise shell materials. Call of e-mail us if you have a question.

Mille Hancock writes: " Gentlemen, Thank you for the repair of my beautiful Comb. My late husband, John Handcock bought me this dresser set in 1946 ... Click to Read More!


Restore Damaged Hand Mirrors ....

Broken or damaged Hand Mirror glass can be replaced with glass perfectly matching the original shape. Damaged Hand Mirror bezels can be replaced with newly fabricated bezels. Sterling Silver components can be buffed to a beautiful luster. Silver / Gold-plated mirrors can be beautifully restored by re-plating. Ask one of our silversmiths for advice and a free estimate.

Worn Hat, Coat, Baby and Hair Brushes …

If you use your brushes on a regular basis, sooner or later they will show sign of wear. Your worn hair, coat, baby and hat brushes can be restored by hand pulling new boar, nylon or horse hair bristles to match the original. Want more information ... call us.

Button Hooks, Shoe Horns and Letter Openers

Damaged button hooks, shoe horns and letter openers can be completely restored either by repairing worn parts or fabricating replacements. Sterling Silver components can be buffed to a beautiful luster and silver / gold plated items can be restored by re-plating. Contact us for a free estimate.

Cincinnati Plating is one of the few companies still maintaining an high quality finishing and re-plating facility for your valuable Silver, Gold, Brass, Copper and Pewter items. Our modern plating facility provides total control of the finishing and plating process, assuring you the highest quality restoration at the lowest possible price.

Our restoration experts will be happy to discuss the various options available and the processes, time frames and costs involved with your items.