rom the very early days, repairing and restoration of brass and pewter have been a major component of our business.

Brass items are repaired, straightened and lacquered, bringing back the illustrious beauty of the original piece. Pewter items, whether antique or contemporary, can be straightened and repaired, leaving the original patina in most situations.

new brass / pewter locationDue to the tremendous recent growth in our brass / copper refinishing, we have a new website (cincybrass.com) to better explain our brass / copper refinishing capabilities. Please click to visit our new website ... and thanks again for using Cincinnati Plating / Cincinnati Brass for all your metal refinishing needs.


Brass, pewter and copper repair and restoration services include (but are not limited to)

Brass Kitchen / Bath Fixtures

Cincinnati Brass can restore all your worn / corroded antique brass, copper, and nickel plated kitchen / bath fixtures to their original beauty and luster. This includes bath / kitchen faucets, sink and tub accessories, shower-heads and drain fixtures to name a few. Other kitchen items including pots, pans, samovars, coffee pots, teapots, kettles and sconces

Door Hardware

Door knobs, latches, door knockers, mail slots, hinges and cabinet drawer pulls are just a few of the many items that can be restored. Door hardware finishes can include bright, brushed or satin brass / copper / nickel plate.


Copper-ware is one of our specialties. Your fine brass / copper cookware can be polished and the interior re-plated. The interior will be re-plated with silver rather than tin ... silver has a much higher melting point, is more durable than tin and gives each piece a more elegant look.

Antique Hardware

Many believe antique hardware should retain the antique look ... and we are very good at maintaining that look on old hardware. For your items, you specify the finish - from bright to brushed to just repair / clean.

Fireplace Accessories

Fireplaces are not only "top of the list" when buying a home, a nice fire in the fireplace always noticed and admired by guests. Great looking fireplace sets and accessories go a long way to enhance this feeling, so if you would like to restore your fireplace set and/or accessories, please contact us using the contact form.

Brass Lighting Fixtures

A restored antique lighting fixture will immediately become the highlight of any room. If you have a brass, copper, pewter or stainless lighting fixture that you always wanted to use ... but is tarnished, broken or has electrical problems, contact one our specialists using the contact form to the right for a free estimate.

Cincinnati Plating is one of the few companies still maintaining an high quality finishing and re-plating facility for your valuable Silver, Gold, Brass, Copper and Pewter items. Our modern plating facility provides total control of the finishing and plating process, assuring you the highest quality restoration at the lowest possible price.

Our restoration experts will be happy to discuss the various options available and the processes, time frames and costs involved with your items.