incinnati Plating and Repair Company ... one of America's oldest and most respected silver restoration companies, is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Company has enjoyed continuous operation since 1925 and currently operated out of two locations: Cincinnati, Ohio & Franklin, Massachusetts.

Recent acquisitions have brought a significant growth in our business. This factor plus the nature of the silver plating business, the chemical disposal, and our desire to stay “Green”, has led us to combine our restoration and plating services with our partner facility in Franklin, MA. To you as a customer, the more efficient operation will mean faster service and pricing at or below competing services.

Our goal is to return your sterling and sliver plated treasures beautifully restored. We repair them, and then refinish or re-plating as appropriate. We also professionally restore gold, old pewter, copper, brass, bronze, and nickel items.

We subscribe to the highest standards in the industry, which is reflected by our many years of service and the loyalty of all of our customers. We operate a closed system with no waste discharge, complying with all OSHA, EPA and local codes.

We ship and receive restoration items world wide All orders are tracked by a state-of-the-art computer system providing status information on every item in-house.. Orders must be insured to a maximum of $1000.00 and should be shipped to our facility via UPS, FedEx, or Parcel Post. Return orders are shipped via UPS.

Our knowledgeable representatives are always ready to assist you.